Jun 06, 2014

Giana Sisters "The lost Levels"

In 1989 the two german programmers Sandy and Prof. Knibble hacked the C64 game "The Great Giana Sisters".

They programmed a Giana Sisters Construction Kit which made custom level building possible. Unfortunately they could not officially release the software due to copyright and legal issues. Until today there is no "level packager" to build a executable game of the construction kit generated levels but you can use the construction kit to build seperate levels just for fun.

The following "Giana Sisters" are created with the construction kit:


Unfortunately I couldn't find any working image of the "Giana Sisters Construction Kit" on the internet. Also some "Giana Sisters" clones are not available. So I transfered some of my old C64 disks to the PC these days.

Cheats and start options

To execute a POKE/SYS command, you have to load the game and do a soft reset. Then type POKE … hit enter and the start the game with typing SYS 2127.


You find all restored files in this git repository. Enjoy :)